• “Who are you at your core?”
    ~ Richard C. Schwartz, PhD

    Curiosity and compassion

    In therapy I believe that curiosity and compassion are important tools in the healing process.  For my clients, I strive to provide a place where they can become curious and vulnerable about their symptoms and triggers of anxiety, depression, and trauma.  Together, we work toward finding the path to understanding how they view the world and explore how those views or beliefs trigger different responses.  I recognize how distressing it can be for my clients as they struggle with day-to-day functions that can cause emotional dysregulation and coping strategies that are ineffective.

    Judgement free zone

    The judgement, confusion, and frustration my clients have expressed experiencing when they try different ways to cope are usually the very things that bring them to my office in search of help.  I have found that anxiety, depression, and a history of trauma can cause my clients to lash out, isolate, or experience thoughts that life is not worth living because of the many symptoms and triggers they experience every day.  I also know that these symptoms make it very difficult to reach out for help.

    I hear you

    I understand and can validate the realness of my client’s experience.  I work with my clients in individual therapy and provide a safe space to talk about the issues that are holding them back or triggering symptoms of anxiety, depression, or trauma.  I offer years of experience working with clients to provide mental health support.  I come alongside of my clients and work with them as they take the journey to feeling better and reconnecting with the life they want.  If you are not enjoying life to its fullest and are ready to get help, I am here to help you.

    “The most wonderful discovery I have made is that as you do this work, you release, or liberate, what I’ll call your Self or True Self.”
    ~Richard C. Schwartz, PhD

    Crossroad of Life

    By Renu Kakkar

    At a crossroad of my life I today stand
    Thinking what do I have today in my hand?
    Turning back is not possible you said,
    Much water has flown since we last met.

    Going forward at same pace in the current direction,
    I am warned of hidden perils in every situation.
    Turning to the left or the right of the current path,
    From the dear loved one I will most certainly depart.

    Decisions in life we always make in haste,
    Then have the hindsight of the time going waste.
    Not realizing that it was a lesson to be learnt,
    Moving on with knowledge not be again get burnt.

    We are spiritual being living a human existence,
    Learning is a part and parcel of ascendance.
    Let me not lament for things mundane,
    Next lesson to learn I am ready to face again.

    Are you ready…

    • To get to know yourSelf better and have a more balanced system

    • To learn more about your parts and bring harmony into your system

    • To understand why your parts respond the way they do during distressing times

    • To make change into a more Self lead life


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